Thursday, September 23, 2004

We Pickup the Checker

I was putting out a despondent want on Craig's List for the umteenth time. Wanted Checker ... well on the Seattle list, I got a bite, it came as an email with a link to a set of pictures. I had a feeling the second I looked at the car that I had found my Checker. I again spoke with the owner, Erston R., and before we finished our conversation I knew this was the one. Well, I later confirmed and "shook hands" over the phone. I then called a local rental agency for an aluminum car trailer and got Jerry to agree to run up to Tacoma with me to retrieve the Checker. This all transpired over ten days and today we brought her home.

Here Erston and I seal the deal. He's got half his garage back and I have a project for next seven months. The car is rusted and haggered, but underneath that aged rhino-like skin lies a wild animal waiting to be released on an unsuspecting public!

Here's Jerry's rig. This baby has got the POWER. I had to look back to see if the trailer was still there. The ride back from Tacoma was really a straight run with a bit of a slow down in Portland for the evening rush. We got back to Salem about an hour before dark and the trailer, which was great, did all the work of lowering the car safely to the ground.

To say I am excited is an understatement!

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