Sunday, September 12, 2004

Shrewsbury Faire 2004

Shrewsbury Faire is a mediaeval blast. The sponsors really have their olde acts together and a fun time is had by all. 150 vendors, 1,000 costumed participants and 17,000 visitors in two days. Nestled in the beauiful King Valley somewhere between Dallas and Corvallis this anual event gave us a great day for $8.00 bucks each and a coupon.

The Food circle had appropriate fare and I dined on haggis and stag sausage.

Lauren befriended a fine Lady and her Lord. The Lady gave Lauren a beautiful stone and assured her it was a dragon's tear she had collected from the snow.

I'll bet there was a face painter at a gatherering of more than 5 neanderthals 10 million years ago. Today the tradition lives, and Lauren sports the latest Elizabethian eye swirl.

OK, she's cute, we all know that! But, this outfit really made her cute. At only $45.00 clams I would have bought it if it were in rose(pink) and two inches longer....I have her card.

I felt like a child reading Horatio Hornblower for the first time. This old man spun a tale of Magellan and his trials and tribulations in trying to circumnavigate the deep blue. The old man was a true master of storytelling!

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