Sunday, September 26, 2004

Apple Pickin' Time

In the back corner of the yard is an apple tree. It leans over the corrugated metal roof that protects the patio. At any given moment day or night the apples fall onto the roof sounding like a huge drum. It makes makes me jump up from a dead sleep. Anyway, I finally got it together to harvest the apples. I was the picker and this Northwest Beauty was the packer. She and I sampled the product, too. Yum, that apple tree produces great tasting apples.

I don't know the variety, but I will call it "Red Drum" Red Drum is a slightly tart, crisp sweet apple. The birds love it, too. I have seen what appears to be worm holes, but haven't seen any critters, yet.

Here's my crude, but effective device for apple pickin'. I used a 2x 2 pole, bolted 1 x 2 for the picker part and bolted a big ass can underneath. It's only drawback is it is probably a bit heavy and short. (Sounds like me!)

Harvested 100 pounds of apples in an hour. I went inside and got on eBay and using PayPal I bid on a Buy It Now item. It is the latest model in its day (1956) apple peeler, corer, etc. It's coming out of Pocatella and I hope it will be here Wednesday, Thursday. I can't wait to make some delicious homemade applesauce.

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