Friday, September 29, 2006


Lauren showed me her latest creation called, "I HAV A CAT". A handbound book by her with bright illuminations and succinct text. Please follow the .pdf link to see her great book. Click here.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Talk Like a Pirate Day

I went to work with my teeth, a scarve and a gold earring. The night before I practised some rudimentary pirate. Like "is/am is always conjugated as "be". Women are wenches, be they good or bad. Most important is the Arrrr or or its affirmitive cousin Yarrr. Always backthroated and with a look of a growl. I warz adrift in a blur of landlubbers til attorney Carl's wenches be kind enuf to make der selves be knowed. Later after work, I decked out the girl child and turtored her in "shiver me timbers". She be of sound stock and a bonnie lassie to boot. Aye, she got me smile, too.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Kitchen work progresses

We are going Mediterenean. After having taken down the cabinet doors and drawers, cleaning, filling, sanding, priming and painting, it was time to paint the walls. The walls were stripped of the old green and white latticed wallpaper, washed, filled, sanded and painted. The first color looked great as a swatch against the wall, but as I started the edge work Dawn was picking up Lauren from a birthday party. I thought, boy this is bright, the more I looked at it, the more it resembled the dividing line on highways, sure enough, Dawn said no. We decided on another color and I took off to the paint store to have it mixed. Well, in short, I love it, Dawn is still deciding.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Me and my million dollar window

Self-portrait at the shop. Behind is my favorite window. It overlooks the stream and grounds of Mission Mill. In eighteen years I have never been bored as I stared out this four season view.I have seen my children taking their first steps, ducks with ducklings, angry opposums, floodwaters to my floorboards, sheep, llamas, too many politicians, six directors (Mission Mill), my in-laws and ex-in-laws, hundreds of weddings, Rotary on Wednesdays and in general my life has passed by this window. If I am to become a ghost, I know where I will haunt.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lauren's first day of first grade

Here, our scholar is leaving to attend the first day of school. She's toting about 15 pounds of school supplies in her new pink backpack.

After meeting her teacher, Lauren finds her spot in class. Her room is of good size and is a first/second grade blend. As many as five of her last year classmates are here, too. Mom and Dad have readjusted their schedules to the new school year.

Max Marbles restores Family Bibles

Monday, September 04, 2006

Lauren's top tooth missing!

While playing at Amanda's, Lauren pulled a top off and it snagged a very loose tooth. She had been eating apples and wiggling this thing for some time. Surely the Tooth Fairy will show up tonight and give her a reward.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Oreo is a litle over a year old. She has been a great cat. We all love her and she does her slinky, lazy, loving, stealthy, cuddlely catness very well. This summer she has gotten very comfortable with the great out of doors. She even caught a bird. She eats bugs, grass and cat food. She's not too fond of the rain. When it was hot, she would lay on the flagstone floor. (smart kitty) Her clinkey id necklace sometimes gives away her hunting sorries. Over winter, she had become heavy, now as summer closes she is as sleak as a jaguar.

Lauren's Swim Lessons

Lauren has worked very hard for several weeks to earn her Level 4 status. We have gone to the Olinger Pool for 6 weeks each day of the week. It really has paid. She has given close attention to the instructors and can easily swim the pool side to side. Often she would compete with the 3 other kids (boys twice her weight and length) and beaten them every time but once. And boy did she let them know, too.

Today was the final swim and the kids got to just have fun in the pool. Lauren most enjoyed the swing rope and waterslide. We will have her take additional lessons in spring with the hope she will make Level 8 (Where they continuously lap the pool with crawl, backstroke and breast stroke). Go Lauren, we are so proud of you!