Monday, July 27, 2009

Madrona Manta Rays City Champions

Madrona Manta Ray's Swim Team has swept every city swim meet and gained the All City trophy for swim team of the year. Madrona last held this title 13 years ago. Here seen is the team with their coaches. On Sunday, July 26th, the Manta Rays celebrated their victory with a cookout and swim at the Madrona Pool. Lots of proud parents and grandparents cheered on as the individual members were honored and recieved their ribbons and awards. The coaches were given Jambajuice and other gift cards as an expression of gratitude from the team and parents.

Go Rays!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spencer Returns From 6 weeks in Europe

Lauren and I were excited to meet our globetrotting Spencer. Thinner and sporting a reddish beard he appears to have become quite a traveler in spite of his 18 years!

Hope to see his pictures and hear some great tales of the adventure.

Welcome Home Spencer!

Lauren Enjoys Wild Waves

Lauren and I went to Wild Waves for the afternoon. We were killing some time before Spencer's plane came in from Europe.

Lauren is fearless. She singlehandedly went dashing from one hair-raising ride to another. We both managed to get through most of the day without a sunburn. (no small feat for us redheads)