Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Jackie's Fashion Show

Who are those gorgeous models! Purple velvet and all smiles. Dawn, Lauren and someone else's baby ready themselves for the runway at the Reid Opera House. This afternoon tea and fashion show was a great hit and the girls really strutted their stuff. Yea! You guys look great!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving at Pam and Larry's

Here's my cousin, Pam and her husband, Larry. They are such fun. Here poised above a delectable turkey, they "ham" it up for a shot against the backdrop of their gorgeous and functional kitchen.

Getting ready to sit down for our traditional dinner. We had, Turkey, cornbread stuffing with ham, yams with a berry,cilantro and jalepeno sauce, cranberries with a all spice type glaze, steamed spinach with roasted pine nuts and other fine dishes to boot. Later for dessert we enjoyed a berry cobler, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, Stohl bread and great coffee and tea.

Dawn and Pam capture this photo op against the backdrop of the atrium. Their home is beautiful. The craftsmanship and design of their 1925 home make it gorgeous, sensible and very Northwest. The atrium has a wet bar, heated stone floor and leads out onto a tiered deck and patio area.

Dawn looks at the photo album of the restoration. Pam and Larry lived in a motel for four months while the work was being done. The walls all have a different medium pastel tint which is very human and warm. Can't say enough about how nice a job was done there.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Checker Hitch & Bumper

This probably isn't a big deal to anyone but me. But...it's my blog..mine, mine, mine. After many attempts ending in failure, tonight I successfully removed these two royal pains. Now I can drop the gas tank and begin its' restoration. The back bumper is lousey with rust, but I will get some opinions and see if it can be saved. I earlier fired up the kerosene heater for the first time this winter, it wasn't long before I was down to my t-shirt.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Mary in Repose

Mary, Lauren and I spent the day at the house. Here Mary is calling back home to see if all is well. It was. We enjoyed the day with conversation and reminicing. I hope her trips out here aren't soo far apart. I am soo excited for her and Linda. They are leaving early Wednesday morning for a few days in London and then off to Paris for a week. E N V Y..... Fromage, vino ...

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Pre-Thanksgiving Feast

Mhaire, Linda, Dawn, Mary and Lauren pose before a table of delectables. I had to name them for Erik's sake. We all had a great time. Timothy and Robert are absent and I am taking this picture. Beer, wine and conversation were abundant.

Mhaire and Timothy capture us in this shot. It felt like a press conference with all the flashs going off. After dinner we had fruitcake, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, ice cream and coffee.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Mary Visits From Charleston

Mary showed up with Linda and they brought a huge Chinese takeout feast. Both were a little tapped out from having airport delays, etc. Mary looks great and both are looking forward to their trip to England and France. Specifically, London and Paris.

Its great to sit and chat. Catching up on all the relations and situations. I have asked that they find me something very French to put into the Checker. An Eifel Tower or Beret would be cool.

We are looking forward to sharing an early Thanksgiving with them. (They leave early Wednesday morning) Spencer has requested leg of lamb and Mary wants salmon. Wow, sounds good to me!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Spencer's Band Concert

Here's our band man...Spencer. The group, a combination of South Salem High, Judson Middle and Leslie Middle regalled the audience with some rousing patriot tunes to commenmorate Vetrans Day. This is as close as we have ever gotten when he was playing. I could even hear his clairinet! No burps or honks were heard. Great job Spencer!!!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Post Election Payoff

Today in the mail arrived 12 coupons, each representing a free pint of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Our hard work in the campaign paid off! I'd hate to do the calories burned to calories received...B&J would lose.

Chocolate, Vanila, Peanut Butter Cup and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. 1/2 cup equals 350 calories. I tore into the Peanut Butter Cup and growled when anyone even looked at it.

Pictures of Erik...Friends

Erik at Pagsanjan Falls

All of the exchange students (but Lewis) at a resort in Mindoro L-R Bruna(Brazil) Andre(Brazil) Vanessa(Canada) Alejandra(Mexico) Victoria(Wisconsin) Me Camille(Brazil) Caralie(Canada) Caio(Brazil) Sheila(Canada)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day in Precinct 0371

Joy, myself and George take a moment in door to door canvassing to strategize over a map. It was pouring rain. They are such troopers!

Sidney and friend in from the cold and wet. Friend locked his keys in the car. Dawn drove them home to get another set.

Many thanks to Laura, Benno, Cy, Xann, Kathy, David, Dale, Glenda, Dawn and Carol "Sunshine". We did our jobs and won our state!