Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Oregon State Fair 2004

Sunday morning September 5th, 2004. We have arrived early, to beat the Christians, and the heat. Paper said they'd open at 9 AM. We park right outside the gate and no one takes our money. Starting out just fine I think to myself. We get to the gate and the sign says it opens at 11 AM. Bummer. Time to regroup. We decide to walk around and see if we can find a way in early. I love to see setups. We wind up walking halfway around the grounds and find on the opposite side an open gate and its near the animals! Yee haw! We're in!

This matron had her hooves full. She was drinking from one end and delivering the goods out the other. And she had to work to keep up with all twelve of her youngins. Whatever she had it really livened up the piglets and seeing them tear around the pen made the entire crowd break into laughter. I recorded the ambience with my Sony Minidisc as well as the digital camera.

Here, the queen of the fair repasses with some cheap ice cream. We are taking a break in the Mexican Village. This would have been good to come back for a taco or civiche, but alas there were way too many distractions. Soon we were off to the craft section, but discovered they didn't have it this year.

Fortunately, we found this South American band and we camped for about three songs. These guys were so delightful, I willingly removed money from my pocket and bought their CD. Also, I managed to bootleg (Sony Minidisc) 3 tunes. I must say after hearing the CD that the bootleg is more natural and lively. The Sony Minidisc with the Sound Professional binural mics can really capture the moment!

After 5 hours of sensory overload we were burntout and made our way back to the burb. What a fun day!

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