Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Checker Garaged

Home at last, thank God Almighty, she's home at last.

Today, I bit the bullet and decided I was going to get the Checker in the garage.
With the weather expected to turn rainy and the ever present danger of vandals the car was at risk on the street. She started up straight away, I ran her back and forth to loosen her up. I had wanted to drive it in directly, but opted to just get it up to the level surface at the top of the driveway. I was hampered by the fact I would have to run her up in reverse because 1st gear isn't working. After about 2 attempts and a full head of steam I ran her up the driveway with just enough power to crest the final tires to the level. I didn't want to count on the brakes and the time it would take to "pump them up".

She made the journey fine with a few of hiccups and a shudder or two.

Neighbor Steve was orchestrating from a safe distance and did the right thing after she landed... he brought out the cigars. I fetched the IPAs. After much discussion it was time to talk great things of old cars. Old cars, cigars and brewski ...not bad, not bad at all.

OK, so after dinner and taking Spencer's friend David back home. Time for round two. I went out to drive the car into the garage, but opted to rock her back and forth (pushing) to line up and slowly, safely steer her back into the nest. I had promised Dawn to put a diaper under her and did! So babys fed and curled up in her new home.

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