Friday, July 16, 2004

Salem Art Fair 2004

Wow another year and here comes the Salem Art Fair. Hot, dusty, great food, music and, oh yea, ... ART!  Abel, Spencer and I went down on Friday evening. I saw many acquaintances including; Bill Dorney and his wife, Glenda, Eric Vanderwall's dad and stepmom, Christopher and Gina and their precious adopted 2 1/2 year old, people from the UU, a recent client who said "follow  that guy he just got all my money"., George the wax sculptor and Jackie and Jeff from Mission Mill.
  Almost every one there was well behaved, but these two yodels have been coming to the art fair way too long. It's got to be my all time favorite booth. Its the one with the tea strainer basket sunglasses and the fork shades. I have got to go back and get my bug eye goggles!

I sampled small piece of elephant ear (yummy!) and a small piece of Octoberfest sausage. Oh, and I asked a lady to lift the cover on the tomales and I took a great big sniff (10 calories). We managed to see the entire thing save the Kidddie's circle. (shucks!) Thank God we went on Friday evening the crowd was just right and you didn't feel guilty if you stopped in traffic to sat hi to someone. I really would like to go back Sunday evening when the bagpipes come marching through to close the event. Well...we'll see.

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