Sunday, July 18, 2004

Portland Expo 2004

Well, today Jerry, my sister, Abel and myself went to the famous Portland Expo Flea Market. Held three time a year this antique flea market is the premier event in its class. It literally took 6 hours to walk all the aisles. The crowd was moderate and being a Sunday it seemed the vendors I spoke with were doing well. There was something for everyone, no matter what income bracket.

The guy pictured above is Dick Mitchell a vendor of transportation collectibles. I was looking for a taxi/cabbie hat with a badge. I saw his (not on his head) and asked how much? Its not for sale he says. He had about 25 badges all dated 1941 which incidently is his birth year. At current badge prices this was a thousand dollar hat.

We saw it all and returned to Salem exhausted. I wasn't able to find my hat either!

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