Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year 2005

Happy New Year to our family and friends. Today we celebrated with Pam and Larry, Linda and Robert, and ourselves, Dawn, Lauren, Spencer and Max. As is tradition around here we start the year off with a Hoppin John, which is sure to bring good luck. In the picture above, Linda and Pam slave over a skillet full of fried chicken. What's that apron Pam is wearing?

Dawn,ready at the stove, tends yet another skillet of chicken. In the background, is a plate of fried okra and a mess of collards.

Time for a group shot, Sissy had to be hog-tied and drug into this shot.

Larry and Robert stand guard over the Brie.

Our menu:

Hoppin John (black-eyed peas with ham hocks served over rice)
Collards (more hocks)
Fried Green Beans (with peppered bacon and garlic)
Fried Okra (dipped in egg, dredged in cornmeal)
Cole Slaw (Dawn's recipe..totally addictive)
Fried Chicken (Southern Style ... is there any other way?)
Star Cookie Cutter Nija Throwing Bisquits
Black Tea (iced of course)
Sweet Potato Pie (with fresh whipped cream)
Peruvian coffee

Man, these fixins were good!

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