Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas 2004

The family shot. We got up at 7:30, Spencer woke us and I immediately made the coffee. Lauren was in a frenzy (can you blame her?). We had gotten to bed at a reasonable time and were all relatively coherent. We exchanged half the presents and Erik called from the Philippines. We had a great time talking with him ... almost for an hour! During that time Andrew called from Taiwan and spoke to his mom til his card ran out. We were all very uplifted by the boys calls. We returned to the presents and then had a big breakfast.

After breakfast Sissy had to bake a cake with her new appliance. When her cake was finished she had chocolate icing all over her...I missed that Kodak moment! Drats!

Spencer poses with his new skateboard. Cool graphics, no?

Here's the food shot. Not seen were my cookie cutter tree bisquits. Erik wants us to send him home recipes and the products to make his mom's Marinara sauce and my Clams Carltonni. Expect a box, buddy!

I have been pacing myself with the food, but we all went overboard. I have yet to have a slice of the apple crumb pie with a generous scoop of Hagen-Daas ice cream.

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