Saturday, July 29, 2006

Eriko, our daughter from Japan

Dawn and Eriko pose for the photographer on the deck outside my shop. Eriko is staying with us for about two weeks. We have enjoyed her company and will miss her when she goes home. She and her class mates are visting Salem on a Homestay. Lauren absolutely adores Eriko!


Eriko's father in Japan said...

I'm very glad to see the picture. Eriko looks very fine. Thanks again having her staying in your home. She'll also miss you when she leaves there. I look forward to hearing from her about her time at your home when she returns to Japan.

Eriko's Homeroom teacher said...

For two weeks, Eriko was taken care of, and thank you. I heard this Blog from parents of Japanese Eriko. For two weeks that Eriko spent with you, it will be to become an irreplaceable important memory for Eriko.
Thank you.