Tuesday, October 19, 2004

1967 Checker Update

Here's my lovely headache. I have been slowly making progress on the removal of this trailer hitch for about a week. I thought I had it licked only to discover two well hidden bolts. I can't get the gas tank off to access them and I can't reach them because of the gas tank. Catch-22. If that ain't enough salt in the wound, as I work around the rear bumper I am discovering how bad it's condition really is. You can see in the picture the holes, but feeling underneath the backside, much of what you see is just chrome...the steel rusted away.

Here's "Plan C". I have given those nuts the last epedermis I have to offer, I went to Harbor Freight and got the infamous Nut Slitter Package for a mere $6.99. I am waiting for my moment and when that hitch isn't looking I'm gonna slap that Nut Slitter on and sliiiiiittt my problems away!

Hey looky here! The front end put up a bit of resistance but has relinquished her chrome. I am cataloging and drawing figures of the disassembly and bagging all the little stuff and putting it neatly away. And I only punched one hole in the radiator. (so far) I want to blow off that silvery piece in the front, get out the radiator and that front housing. Why you ask? So I can have a full open front when I pop the motor out.

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