Saturday, August 07, 2004

Mediaeval Book

Here's a book I've just finished. It was a commission to be the Grand Prize in a HackMaster's game contest. Inside is the player's handbook of rules for HackMaster.

The book contents were perfect bound so I modified that to a more permanent kerfed channel linen laced binding. Outside the cover is binders board with raised panels covered and formed with split suede. Onlaid in the corners are triangular pieces of rawhide. The design in the middle is of a Phoenix rising from the sun. The Phoenix is black pig and the sun is gold tipped rawhide.

One of the fun things with this binding was to include train squashed pennies riveted through the corners. This allows the book to raised from the table surface. I had to beat the flat copper nails in a vice to "age" them.

The clasp I formed from #12 copper house wire. Then it was lamiminated between the boards with the receive being stitched for extra strength.

All and all it was tons of fun doing this and wish I could have more of these fun projects!

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